Welcome back!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while (a long one) since I last posted. I decided to refresh my website and give it a new look:)

I thought about redesigning my site for some time, but I couldn’t decide what I actually want to do with it. I had no clue what colours or theme to use. I wanted to keep it fresh, simple and elegant but also feminine and soft at the same time.

Luckily I came across The Brand Stylist website, where I found many useful tips on how to choose the right style for my brand.


Thanks to Fiona I put together my brand mood board.


After a long research I found the Beautiful Dawn where Tiffany is creating beautiful feminine themes. I went for a Sweet Home theme and style it to my needs and preferences.

Hope you will enjoy the new look which I’m constantly updating and I still need a new profile picture (my hair is much longer now!).

I also launched a new service:

 online design

It’s a super quick and cheap design, something you can start with before you decide on a full design service.


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