Painting kitchen cabinets

I was inspired to write this post after my last visit to my friends house. They are a young couple with a toddler and they bought their first house just over two years ago. As with many first time buyers (including myself) they didn’t have a huge budget to spend on renovating their new house. They prioritised what was needed to be done first to be able to move in. Unfortunately their kitchen had to wait in the line. It wasn’t too bad, it was liveable, but it would benefit from some DIY.

I immediately came up with an idea of painting the kitchen units and I offered my help. I used primer and three coats of satin wood paint. The finish result was stunning and after changing the handles it was even better. Like a brand new kitchen!

However I don’t have any pictures of my friends kitchen to show you (only reading today I’m afraid:)), there are some links to other posts with images below, including my own painted kitchen.


There are definitely a lot of advantages in painting old kitchen cabinets. First of all it is cheaper than installing a brand new kitchen, second you don’t have to deal with a big renovation (we all know how messy changing an entire kitchen can be).

Two years later…

Unfortunately painting kitchen cabinets is not for everyone. After two years of use my friends kitchen doesn’t look so nice anymore. It’s not the paint’s fault or how it was painted, but painted furniture is not hardwaring, no matter what paint or painting technics you will use.

Living with a small child

I don’t recommend painting your kitchen cabinets if you have small children. It can be a solution for a short period of time, but you will need to repaint or renovate your kitchen soon. Now, after two years my friends are thinking of changing the whole kitchen to something more hardwaring and good quality. I totally understand that, especially after seeing how the paint has peeled off on some cabinets (mostly at toddler level where my friends installed the cabinet door safety locks).

So who do I recommend paints their kitchen units

If you have a quieter lifestyle and you take a lot of care of your furniture and home decor, there are very few disadvantages of painting your kitchen cabinets or any other furniture. I painted my kitchen units for the first time around eight years ago and I didn’t have any scratches or signs of damage to them. I repainted my cabinets a few months ago only because I wanted to change the colour scheme. You can see the finish result and my kitchen journey here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ve helped you a little with a decision as to whether to paint any of your furniture. If you have any further questions about painting furniture please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. Also you can check these posts about different types of wood paint and how to paint furniture.



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