My kitchen journey

I realize that I haven’t posted anything about my new kitchen for almost a year! I’ve shared a few pictures on Instagram, but never actually wrote a proper post about it.

Well, here it is. My kitchen journey.

When we first moved into our new flat, we only had a budget for painting the kitchen cabinets. Back then I choose a light green colour to paint my kitchen. After a while, we had to change our cooker and we decided to buy an integrated one. To be able to install the new cooker we needed to change the existing worktop. A the same time I also added wooden boarders to the cabinet doors to create a shaker style kitchen.

Only a year ago I decided to change the colour of my kitchen completely. I went for more neutral option and painted the cabinets in a light “French linen” colour from Laura Ashley egg shall paint collection. I also bought new wall cabinets and decided to leave them white.

My next step would be to change the matching red window blind and the washing machine curtain into something neutral. I also hope to buy new fridge freezer as my old one is from the previous owner and it’s so old that I’m embarrassed to show it.

Let’s start.

This is how my kitchen looked after the first “renovation”. Not so great, but at least I got rid of those awful yellow walls and dirty bricks (the kitchen actually looked much better in the day light).

The kitchen after changing the worktop, cooker and sink. As you see I added boarders to the cabinet doors and changed the handles. I wanted to create a country kitchen.

Finally my kitchen now. By swapping the wall cabinets for higher and bigger ones I gained more space for all the kitchen staff that I have and now I can keep my kitchen tidy without unnecessary objects lying around.




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