It’s time for a picnick

What lovely weather we’ve had lately here in the UK (at least on the south coast). Beaches and parks are crowded with people. The only downside is that they are leaving a lot of rubish behind. I realy don’t understand why people cannot clean after themselves. I always carry a small plastic bag with me for any waste I will produce while being either on the beach or in the park. I also try to find quieter spots with less people even if I have to walk that extra mile.


I love summer time and picnics (except antysocial behaviour). I always try to prepare something easy but delicious to eat or sometimes I just buy preprepared food. Whatever I do, I make sure that my picnic blanket looks nice. Isn’t it better to eat from a well arrange table with a beautiful crockery and glasswear?

How I transport my picnic food is also important to me. There are so many picnick baskets on the market (I’m still looking for the perfect one) and even if you don’t have one, you can still carry your food in a sylish cool bag or use pretty containers.

Below you can find a few ideas to take your picnic to the next level.

  1. John Lewis 2&3. The Greenfield Collection on Wayfair 4. AlpenHome on Wayfair   5. M&S

1. M&S 2,3,5. John Lewis 4. Laura Ashley

I particulary like these two designs from M&S. Although the plates are made from melamine and glasses are plastic, the attention to details makes them look like a fine china and chrystals.

Images from M&S

Images from M&S

Images from M&S


Hopefully I inspired you to put an extra effort when you’ll be preparing your picnic or garden party next time.


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