How to find an inspiration for your decor

Another post starting on “How to”, I didn’t mean to make a series of post, but I thought this one could be a good continuation to my previous post.

Some people just know exactly what colours and style they like in their interior. Some find it more difficult or can’t decide on one scheme. Many times people ask me how to find their style. The simplest method is to take an inspiration from the piece of art or accessories you love. It can be a painting, cushion, rug or wallpaper. Make sure it’s something you really like and you want it to be a center piece in your room. After finding that one piece, look at its colour scheme and style and work around it.

I know it could be overwhelming, especially if you deal with a piece of art. I made for you a few mood boards to show you how I’m building the decor around one piece.



I bought this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster a while ago, but I didn’t really know what to do with it or where to display it. Last year I participated in One Room Challenge and I decided to renovate my guest/office room. I chose classic black and white colour scheme and added some yellow to match the poster.



This mood board is inspired by the beautiful peacock design. When I found that wallpaper, I knew I must use it. Inspired by the colours and pattern, I chose other accessories: gorgeous peacock mirror, rug in the same colour scheme and matching cushions.



My friend chose that wallpaper for her bedroom. She liked its delicate leaves and grey tones. Designing this room, I decided to use light greys and whites as I didn’t want to overwhelm the wallpaper pattern.


living room

My friend’s husband is from South Africa, so I wanted to bring some African elements in their living room. I took an inspiration from wild animal prints they already had and vintage map of Africa. Working around it, I chose animal patterns, brown and beige colours and natural materials to finish the look.


If you’re still not sure or struggle with choosing the right colours, read this post about how to use a colour wheel. If you need further help check my services page. I can also help you with your basic decorations with my starter online design.


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