How to decorate with neutrals

The title should actually be: why do I choose neutrals over colours? Don’t take me wrong, I love colours a lot, but in terms of decorating I just prefer neutral tones. As you know, I love classic and traditional interiors, I’m not so much contemporary girl. I did try with colours in the past, but something always felt wrong. Also, when I style the room, I’d like the decor to remain as long as possible. I’d like the interior to be timeless. Again, I like colours and changes, but the main style for me should stay the same.

All my rooms are painted in neutrals, even my red chinoiserie bedroom stays fairly neutral. Currently, I’m changing my kitchen from green to beige. I want my decor to float from one room to another. So, how do I use the colour? Mainly in art and accessories. For me, it’s the best way, I can change patterns and colours every season and it won’t spoil the decor.

I admire interiors painted in vibrant colours; dark walls are my favourite, but it’s just not for me. I could even design a super colourful room if someone asks me to, I just couldn’t live too long in that decor myself.

If you think that painting your house in whites or beiges would be too boring, then simply add colourful art, cushions, bedding, curtains, rug or china. If, in the other hands you love neutrals and don’t want to use any other colour, that’s fine too. Just remember to add texture to your decor. For example, if you have a white sofa and white cushions on it, make sure they have a different texture or pattern. It will add interest and dimension to your neutral scheme.



I chose mustard yellow to add some colour to my beige sofa. I also customized neutral and plain curtains by sawing yellow pom-poms into them.



Cream rug doesn’t need to be boring. I chose a neutral rug, but with interesting pattern.



Adding  a neutral pattern to the wall is also a good idea. I have this “fake” library in my rather plain hallway. It adds interest to the wall, but still remains neutral and classic.



 In my hallway, I also have this gallery with old family photos. I used gold frames in different shapes. Again, it’s a very classic and neutral, but interesting feature.



In this room, I used mainly whites, so I added different textures and patterns to make it more interesting.



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