Get ready for an elegant Christmas dinner

Believe it or not, but I still haven’t got any Christmas decorations in my house. Well, I tend to do things in a last minute, but also there is another reason why I waited so long. In my home, we always put up a Christmas tree on a Christmas Eve. To be honest, I quite like this tradition, if Christmas decorations are too early then I can’t fully appreciate them on a Christmas Day. So my plans are to decorate the house this weekend.

This year I won’t have many guests for Christmas dinner, but I still want it to be pretty and festive. I love beautiful, elegant table, preferably in gold, red and green (my favourite Christmas colours, I know, I’m very traditional:)). Looking for some inspirations, I found out, that classic dinner tables are usually quite simple with a beautiful flower arrangements, elegant china and glassware.


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Elegant Christmas dinner table ideas.


You can never go wrong with a simple white tablecloth (John Lewis) and you can add a red table runner (Laura Ashley) on the top for more festive look. I tend to do that combination every Christmas.



Linen napkins are always more elegant than the paper ones. I love these napkins rings, so stylish and festive (both from John Lewis).



I love simple white china with a gold or silver trim, it looks amazing every time (M&S). I usually use a charger plate (Wilko) in gold or red under my dinner set. Of course to make the table even more elegant, you need a pretty glassware (the one above is from Laura Ashley).



No dinner table is complete without the candles. These are from M&S.



Christmas crackers are a new tradition for me (well it will be 10 year tradition now), these stunning ones are from M&S.




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