DIY cusion cover – in 4 steps

I’ve been asked a few times where I get my cushion covers I’ve used for my recent bedroom makeover. Well, I sewed them myself and what looked like a hard and stressful task at the beginning, turned into an easy and fun DIY project.

This is the first time I sew the cushion cover. I had the end result in my head and tried to make is as simple as possible. It would be even simpler if I didn’t need to match the fabric pattern! Hope you will find my tutorial easy and understandable. Any questions, ask me in the comments.



1. Cutting the fabric for the front of the cushion.

I simply place my old cushion cover on the fabric and added a few centimeters on each side (about 2cm). I made small marks and cut the fabric around the old cover.





2. Cutting the fabric for the back of the cushion.

I’ve secured the already cut piece on to the fabric to cut the back of the cover.

zdjecie 992


Next I cut a smaller piece, also for the back. I folded the two pieces and matched the pattern. It looked something like that.

zdjecie 93


The little diagram to show how the three pieces will be sewn together.



Basically, you will have three pieces of fabric. One for the front and two for the back.

zdjecie 98


3. Measuring.

On the reverse of the front piece I measured 50cm leaving 2cm around. I used the piece of cardboard to draw the straight lines.



4. Sewing.

First, I sewed the folded edges of the two back pieces.

zdjecie 991


Then I put all three pieces together and secured them with the pins. I sewed the cover along the lines I drew in step 3.



Turned the cover to the front side and voilà!

That’s how the back looks like.



 I hand sewed the trimming.





I’m so pleased with the result, that I can’t wait to sew more cushions:)


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