Cooking in style

I love watching cooking programmes. The process of creating a beautiful and delicious meal is fascinating. Great chefs can make a perfect dish out of nothing. I often wonder how do they know what ingredients to put together? What I also love in cooking programmes are the kitchens. They are so spacious and everything is new and shiny. This definitely inspires me to make my kitchen look beautiful and of course to experiment more in cooking.

My last two posts (here and here) were about kitchens. I decided to continue this topic. This time I want to inspire you to cook in style, because even the perfect kitchen isn’t finished without a pretty cookware.

Timeless copper

In my opinion copper pots and pans are the most stylish and they will never be out of fashion. Copper cookware suits both, modern and more traditional kitchens. Copper is also one of the highest trends right now and you can find it pretty much everywhere. However, this type of cookware can be pricy, it’s worth to invest in as it is a high quality cookware and last for a long period of time.



Touch of gold

For the last few seasons gold in a kitchen became very trendy. There are not only kitchen accessories in gold but also cooking pots and pans. So if you are looking to add some glamour to your cooking, the gold ranges won’t disappoint you.

Classic and elegant set of pots by M&S.


How stunning is this luxury cookware by SQProfessionalLtd?

I totally can imagine myself cooking in high heels using these utensils from M&S



Gold accessories to add a glamour to your kitchen from Argos

Classic stainless steel

Stainless steel cookware is the most used in our kitchens. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t got at least one stainless steel pot in their kitchen. Under this range you can choose from simple clean lines to beautifully crafted items.

I love these pots by Kuhn Ricon for their clean soft lines.

This is such a classic and high quality set by Krauff.

This contemporary pots by BK Coocware add a modern touch to your kitchen.

I like my utensils to be strong and long lasting like these from Krauff.

Not only cooking pots, pans and utensils are made from stainless steel, but also many other useful kitchen accessories. I really like these electric salt and pepper mils from Morphy Richards and I love the fact that they are in different colours.

Ceramic and stone

If you are bored with grey stainless steel and want to add some colour to your kitchen accessories then stone or ceramic would be great for you. I personally love more neutral colours which match my favourite wooden utensils, but there are many colourful stone and ceramic cookware to choose from.

Beautiful cream and grey cookware from SimplyKitchen.

I absolutely adore this stone range from Mason Cash.

Wooden utensils will always be my favourite. This set is from Relaxdays.

These utensils by Victor have a vintage feel and will suit any country kitchen.

Great wooden and silicon utensils from Prestige.

Cast iron

Last but not least cast iron cookware. You can cook as well as bake in these cooking pots and pans. If you take a good care of these dishes, they last forever. Unfortunately cast iron cookware is super heavy, for that reason I prefer to use it only for baking.

Absolutely beautiful and hardwearing cast iron dishes by Le Creuset from John Lewis.

This breakfast pan from Lakeland is a must have for anyone who loves their full English breakfast.


These pans from Studio don’t even look like cast iron pans thanks to their enamel coated interior.


If you want your cookware to last longer take a good care of it. Always wash your dishes thoroughly after use to remove any dirt, fat or burn. Remember not to use metal utensils on teflon coated pans as they will scratch its surface. If you want your stainless steel cookware to shine nicely, dry your dishes after every washing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I inspired you not only to cook in style but to cook more delicious meals every day.


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