coastal dinning

Coastal summer – Dining room

Coastal look is light and fresh. It looks good in every room and reminds me of vacations (and who doesn’t like vacation?). Creating a coastal dining room can be fun and quite easy. There are so many nautical dining accessories on the high street, but not only that will create[Read more]

Coastal summer – Living Room

I decided to continue coastal summer posts (bathroom, dining room, bedroom). This time it’s a living room with  breezy and nautical tones. Decorating the room with a coastal accessories it’s a great way to bring summer to the house. If you don’t want to redecorate the entire room,  just keep your[Read more]

Coastal summer – Bathroom

To bring some freshness and light to your bathroom in summer time, use light blue and nautical accessories. You don’t need to redecorate the entire bathroom, just add some stripes, blue towels or costal pictures. The best is to keep walls in neutral colours such as white or cream. My bathroom[Read more]

Tips for spring

  1. Fill your house with fresh flowers. This is a great way to add some colours to your decor.     2. Accessorize your rooms with pastels. These beautiful colours bring light and warmth to any decor.     3. Bird pattern is so trendy right now. In spring[Read more]

Choosing colours

Sometimes we struggle to match different colours together. In that case we can use the colour wheel. It’s a very useful tool which helps to mix colours. Below I marked four basic colour schemes: analogous, complementary, triad and monochromatic.   Monochromatic Different shades of the same colour. Analogous Using colours which are next to[Read more]