Make the rental house your home

Not everyone can afford their own house or apartment. Many of us are still renting. In the rental property it can be difficult to decorate. Most landlords won’t allow to change the paint colour, flooring or tiles. Don’t worry, as you can still customize your rental house to make it[Read more]

How to avoid design mistakes

I often hear complaints from people that the paint colour is not right or the sofa is too big for the room. I know these problems well as they also happened to me. Let me share a few tips with you to avoid many similar design mistakes. 1. Always take[Read more]

10 fantastic IKEA furniture makeovers!

If you think that Ikea furniture are boring and cheap looking, then you haven’t seen these amazing transformations. Ten ordinary pieces changed into bespoke and unique! *** Image source Wow, I love this transformation. It looks like a totally different piece of furniture. Check here how it looked before. ***[Read more]

Mallorcan country manor

I’m sorry for my absence, but I’m working on a new project now. I’m helping my friend to renovate her new house. I spent last week on painting and wallpapering and it’s still a lot to do, but slowly everything comes together. I’ll share with you the final project soon. As[Read more]

Fast and cheap bathroom makeover

I didn’t post for a while because I’ve been busy… relaxing on my holiday! We visited beautiful Mallorca and I’m already missing the weather (it’s still much colder here in the UK). I’ve already showed you my new bathroom in this post, but I just want to share my expenses[Read more]

One Room Challenge BONUS – Favourite rooms. Part 2

There are so many beautiful makeovers, I had to divide the bonus post into two. So welcome to the One Room Challenge favourites rooms – part two! Check out if you missed part one. 1. Playground. Lovely kid’s rooms and play rooms. *** I’m in love with this parrot poster at[Read more]

One Room Challenge BONUS – Favourite rooms. Part 1

The One Room Challenge Spring edition might be over, but I’m still impressed by some renovation. I decided to add bonus posts with my favourite projects. To be honest all designers in this edition of ORC were great! So many talented people. I encourage you to see all projects here[Read more]

One Room Challenge – Reveal!

This is it, we reached the 6th week of ORC! I’m so exited to share my project with you and I can’t wait to see all the other projects. Thank you Linda from Calling it Home for organizing such a great challenge. Well, some of you may think that six[Read more]

Yellow office

One Room Challenge – week 5

OMG! I can’t believe it is the last week before the final of ORC at Calling it Home! I’m nearly ready. Of course, there is always something unexpected. I found the perfect rug for my room in a home improvement store. Unfortunately, I can’t buy it on line and out[Read more]

One Room Challenge – week 4

Only two weeks left to the great final of ORC at Calling it home! I must admit that I haven’t done much since last week. Still need to buy all accessories and the bookcase! Well, this week I have to work extra hard if I want to finish on time. I[Read more]