It’s time for a picnick

What lovely weather we’ve had lately here in the UK (at least on the south coast). Beaches and parks are crowded with people. The only downside is that they are leaving a lot of rubish behind. I realy don’t understand why people cannot clean after themselves. I always carry a[Read more]

How to find an inspiration for your decor

Another post starting on “How to”, I didn’t mean to make a series of post, but I thought this one could be a good continuation to my previous post. Some people just know exactly what colours and style they like in their interior. Some find it more difficult or can’t[Read more]

How to decorate with neutrals

The title should actually be: why do I choose neutrals over colours? Don’t take me wrong, I love colours a lot, but in terms of decorating I just prefer neutral tones. As you know, I love classic and traditional interiors, I’m not so much contemporary girl. I did try with[Read more]

Budget kitchen remodel

I started my kitchen remodel more than a month ago, but I’m still in the middle of renovation. I just can’t decide on colours! Well, let’s start from the beginning. My kitchen cabinets are quite old (80’s probably). When I moved into this apartment nearly seven years ago, I didn’t[Read more]

High street home trends for spring/summer 2016.

OMG! I can’t believe that it’s May already and I didn’t write a single post last month! Well, I’m back now and I intend to write more regularly. A lot of going on right now in my own apartment, so hopefully I will share with you all my mini makeovers[Read more]

Welcome back!

Hello everybody, it’s been a while (a long one) since I last posted. I decided to refresh my website and give it a new look:) I thought about redesigning my site for some time, but I couldn’t decide what I actually want to do with it. I had no clue[Read more]

Romantic decorations (just before Valentine’s Day)

I never really make Valentine’s Day decorations, but I like to have a few romantic details around that time. Preparing a house for Valentine’s doesn’t always mean a lot of red or heart shapes everywhere. As much as I love red, I decided on more pastel colours this time for[Read more]

My elegant and simple Christmas dinner table

In my last post I showed you some ideas how to make an elegant Christmas dinner table. Trying to recreate this, I prepare my very own table setting. The main decoration I’m using is a beautiful flower arrangement. The rest remains simple and classic. All you need to make the bouquet[Read more]

Get ready for an elegant Christmas dinner

Believe it or not, but I still haven’t got any Christmas decorations in my house. Well, I tend to do things in a last minute, but also there is another reason why I waited so long. In my home, we always put up a Christmas tree on a Christmas Eve.[Read more]

DIY cusion cover – in 4 steps

I’ve been asked a few times where I get my cushion covers I’ve used for my recent bedroom makeover. Well, I sewed them myself and what looked like a hard and stressful task at the beginning, turned into an easy and fun DIY project. This is the first time I[Read more]