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Writing about painting furniture wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I’ve finally I used thit paint myself and now I have a full comparison of all wood paints. In my last post you can read about how I’ve painted some furniture before using chalk paint.

I must say I was quite impressed how easy it is to use the chalk paint. I didn’t need to sand my furniture and after two coats I had pretty good coverage. Unfortunately there are a few things I didn’t like about this paint.

Let’s talk about chalk paint advantages first.

  • You don’t need to sand or prime before painting. Thit can save you a lot of time and work.
  • Drying time is very quick so you can finish your project faster.
  • There are a lot of colours to choose from.


  • You always have to apply a wax or varnish and unfortunately I found this very hard. Chalk paint has a rough finish compared to eggshell or satin wood paints, therefore applauing wax can be hard. Because of this the finish can be uneven.
  • Wax or varnish will darken a lighter colour of chalk paint. Because wax on chalk paint can’t be spread evenly as a result you have darker and lighter patches on the surface. To avoid that you have to apply wax several times.
  • Chalk paint drys fast and because it has a rough finish, the next coat is harder to apply (you have to do it pretty fast).

I like usingrecommend chalk paint, however I would rather use it for more shabby chic and rustic projects where you don’t need an even smooth finish. For a more contemporary or classic look I would recommend satin wood or eggshell paints, or to use a varnish on the top of chalk paint instead of wax.

To sumarise, chalk paint needs less time and effort if you want a shabby chic look.. Unfortunately if you want a better finish waxing can take as long as sanding and priming does with other wood paints.



Above: one coat of each paint on a raw piece of wood. As you can see chalk paint has the best coverage.



Above: picture taken with a lamp to show the paint textures. You can clearly see the satinwood paint is the most shiny.


Paint with wax

Above: the same samples after applying Annie Sloan clear wax. Chalk paint slightly changed its colour while the others remain the same.


I prepared a helpful chart to compare all paints based on the five most important steps you need to take when painting furniture. Drying time for each paint is similar, between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Paint comparision


I found easy guide to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on The Thinking Closet.


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