About me

My name is Anna Urbanowicz and I’m passionate about interior design and furniture renovation. Decorating interiors is something I have always dreamed to do. I decided to develop my knowledge and skills and I took an Interior Design Course at Bournemouth Arts University. 

I’ve always had a sentiment for the traditional, classic homes and antique or shabby chic furniture. Starting Decocharm I hold on to that preference and now my aim is to create timeless spaces with relaxed and warm atmosphere.

I can’t pass by the old, neglected furniture without imaging what I could do with them. I immediately see the potential in every unloved piece, having many ideas what to do with it. Painting and renovating furniture gives me a satisfaction that I’m creating something new and beautiful.

My own home is my playground and I’m constantly changing something in it. My ideas come from nowhere, sometimes in the middle of the night! Luckily my husband has a pretty good DIY skills and very patiently is helping me with my new projects around the house.

In my portfolio you can notice, that mainly, I styled dated interiors on a lower budget, showing, that with a little bit of effort and imagination, any décor can be changed. I use my expertise to select the right colours and accessories to transform the room into an exciting, relaxing and classic space.

I’d love to help you to create your perfect, dream home. Check how you can work with me and my service packages.